Attention! Ten Calcium Rich Foods For Having Strong Bones

Calcium is among the most important and necessary mineral for body to advertise good bone health insurance and strong teeth. Deficiency of calcium can lead to muscle cramps, fractures as a result of stress, decrease of appetite, heart related issues, numbness in toes and toes, blood pressure levels, colon cancer etc.

Calcium gives strength along with a structure in your bones and a lot of it is found in our bones. If our system cannot get enough calcium the bones can become weak and this also leads to osteoporosis.

Causes of Calcium deficiency or Hypocalcemia:
Kidney failures
Due to a particular surgical procedures
Deficiency of Vitamin-D, Phosphorous and magnesium
Due to pancreatitis
Blood infections
Some medications like chemotherapy
Due to breast or prostate cancers etc…

Common signs of Calcium Deficiency( Hypocalcemia ) include:
Muscle cramps
Prickling sensations
Burning sensations
Poor appetite
Large bruised area etc…
Calcium deficiency sometimes might point to life threatening symptoms seeking immediate medical care bills or attention. Such deadly symptoms include:
Chest pain, pressure or tightness
Sudden fainting
Changes in consciousness
Week or rapid pulse rate
Heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat
Difficulty in breathing and wheezing
Sudden muscle contractions which can be painful and
Heavy weakness

Check the following of food as part of your daily diet prefer to reach recommended level of calcium.

Top 10 Calcium rich foods:

Drinking milk is among the most important regions of our diet as it is really a great method to obtain calcium, protein and magnesium that happen to be most essential for accumulating of healthy bones and healthy teeth.

Daily usage of milk from childhood to through the life will allows us by making our bones strong and lowers the danger of osteoporosis and fractures attributable to stress.


Cheese is additionally one of the dairy foods that is fully rich in calcium and protein. The calcium in cheese allows us to maintain good bone mineral density and prevents us from osteoporosis.

Intake of cheese provides copious amounts of calcium and phosphorous towards the mouth really helps to restore the lost minerals through acidic damage.

Soya beans:

Soya foods like soy milk, soy flour and tofu are full of source of calcium, iron, magnesium, proteins, fiber along with nutrients.

The absorption rate of calcium in soya foods is the same as that of milk. The phytoestrogen seen in soy really helps to lower the bone mass loss by building and developing strong and healthy bones.


Yogurt is really a also one of the most essential dairy product that’s excellent in method to obtain calcium and proteins that plays an essential role for osteoporosis.

Intake of tall yogurt provides around 440mg of calcium. Yogurt raises the absorption of more calcium to the body as a result of its live active cultures.

Lady’s Finger:

Lady’s finger also called “Okra or Bhindi” is fully filled with calcium iron, potassium, vitamin B, A, C and folate. As the folate content seen in okra really helps to increase the bone mineral density and builds strong bones.

Turnip Greens:

Turnip greens are perfect in method to obtain calcium and potassium that really helps to prevent softening of bones, osteoporosis, fractures and supports to improve the muscular strength and give stamina during regular activities.

Turnip greens supply your teeth with required nutrients that really help to keep them strong. A cup of Turnip green contains around 200mg of calcium that’s almost one fifth on the daily recommended diet for adults.

Sesame seeds:

The little sesame seeds are full of source of required minerals for example iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, selenium, zinc etc. The zinc over these seeds helps with promoting skeletal health insurance and also prevents from future osteoporosis.

The minerals in sesame seeds play an essential role in bone mineralization, hormonal production and RBC production (Red blood cells). The sesame oil is really a good medicine in Ayurveda for better oral health insurance and swirling this oil inside mouth can really helps to prevent dental cairies.


Of each of the nuts almonds are fully filled with protein, calcium, fiber, vitamins, minerals potassium, iron etc.

The important mineral calcium is usually absorbed through the body by consuming daily. The phosphorous seen in almonds really helps to build healthy strong bones and teeth.


Orange is really a citrus fruit that’s a rich in essential minerals like calcium and potassium that also promotes great bone health by preventing osteoporosis.


Cinnamon is really a pack filled up with iron, calcium, fiber and manganese. The essential mineral manganese really helps to build bones properly and this also spice plays an essential role for arthritis.

NOTE: Excessive intake of calcium contributes to risk of vascular diseases like heart attack and stroke, stones in kidney, cancer of the prostate, calcification of soppy tissue etc.