Design Hacks: How to Wear a Fashion Trend For The 2nd Time

The Article is targeted at those of us who probably keep in mind cassettes. And the legacy of Grey Skull. If you do not you can stop reading today. I’m not speaking to you. I used neon socks in the eighties together with matching fingerless gloves. And I liked ankle grazers when they were famous as pedal pushers/clamdiggers/cropped trousers too.

I wore neon socks in the 80’s along side matching fingerless gloves. And I wore ankle grazers when they were called pedal pushers/clamdiggers/cropped pants, too.

I relaxed because my husband told me to and From the when skinnies were called drainpipes.

These are all signs that you’ve probably seen most fashions come and go.

I was excited to begin to see the return of the Mac, sorry, I am talking about the culotte this past year, and sad to see it reviled whilst the ugliest trouser shape know to womankind.

I’m uncertain if I’m as excited to observe that the 1970’s will hit us smack in the arse of our skinny jeans this coming season. If the fashion mags can be believed, high-waisted bell bottoms and um, lacing will probably function as shizz.

If you’ve already worn these fashions once, it sticks in your craw to wear them again and it’s difficult to take action without looking like you’ve just been using them because the 70s.

Ok, I was only 8 when I had my first pair of flares (and matching waistcoat – fashionista in the making) but the very thought of using them again has me frankly terrified.

I’ve thought long and hard concerning this dilemma and I’ve got the following tips on how best to re-wear a look from your own youth without looking like you’ve been stuck in a time capsule.

Dilute the Trend.

This is actually the most obvious starting place to re-wearing a trend. If, as a 40-something women, you rock up at the school run in bell bottom jeans, fringed waistcoat and cork platforms, chances have you been will get asked more often than once whether you’re on the way to an extravagant dress party. This is simply not an excellent thing.

Pick only one area of the trend that appeals to you the most and wear that one. If you have the legs for flares, choose it. In the event that you fancy a little bit of suede fringing in your handbag, choose that.

Don’t do it all. Even the coolest amongst us can’t do a trend check out toe.

Mix in your signature pieces.

All of us have pieces that individuals wear all the time in the information that individuals look and feel great in them. These might change with the seasons and as your style evolves, but nevertheless, people will recognize you as “you” whenever you wear them.

For me personally, it seems to be slouch/drop crotch pants. Friends will often tell me they saw a good pair whilst out shopping that they’re sure I’ll love.

So, if I wear going to select a piece of the 1970’s trend, I would choose a pair of platform boots and pair them with my slouchy pants. See? Each of a sudden, you’re rocking the trend, but you’re still dressing like yourself.

If you probably to wear a trend for the second time, wear it confidently!

And obviously this applies to pretty much whatever you ever wear. Should you feel great, you’ll look nice and radiate confidence. Andrea Tonkin, stylist and blogger says “Dare to wear, and smile if they stare” which will be this kind of great mantra.

Don’t let others dictate what you wear, in the event that you fancy trying to wear a trend for the second time round then by the Power of Greyskull you ought to absolutely give it a take to!