Is an RCFE Certification Worth Its Weight in Gold?

It is indisputable that an RCFE Certification opens a window to a high-paying career. There is a lot of upward mobility in this industry. The demographics and needs for care facilities will only increase. More people will be needed and everyone currently in the sector has the opportunity to move up the ladder and up the pay scale.

Okay so, does that mean your RCFE Certificate is worth its weight in gold? Well, consider the weight of that paper certificate and consider the price per ounce of gold. Next, think about how much you can make each year as long as you keep your RCFE Certification up-to-date and valid? You could say your certificate is worth 50-times its weight in gold! Well, that is if you have one of course. If you don’t have one, you should get one ASAP and enjoy a rewarding career with lots of future opportunities.

Gold is a precious metal and considered an REE or Rare Earth Element. Throughout human history, it has been a sign of wealth and prosperity. Imagine having a piece of paper, an RCFE Certificate, that is worth more than gold? Do you want one? It may not be as hard to get as you think?

What Does It Take to Get RCFE Certification?

First, it takes the will to want to succeed. The dedication to see it through and the fortitude to make it happen. Second, it takes time and classroom hours of study. Third, you are going to have to pass a test and pay a fee. You should expect six days of classroom training and 20-hours of online education. You must have graduated from high school or have a GED.

You should be aware that while there are a few schools that offer these classes, such schools are not created equally. So, be sure to ask questions and sign up for the very best school that has classes near you. Ask about competitive pricing as the pricing can vary greatly.

Ask to review a small sample of the online class material. Is it understandable? Can you easily decipher what is being talked about and then easily articulate that information back to a novice? If you decide to take the classes – do you feel you’d be ready to immediately take and pass the California required test?

It might also be advisable to check references, online reviews, and industry contacts. Find out what other people are saying before you fork over your credit card payment. Please consider all this and think on it.

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