Check 15 Methods For Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Pregnancy period marvelous phase inside a women’s life. The normal amount of pregnancy is going to be 40 weeks or it often may be just 9 months.

However, additional care must be taken from the women while pregnant both physically and emotionally.

So, undertake a healthy baby without problems or complications,

just adhere to the basic pregnancy care tips:

1. The very first thing is talk to your doctor as early as you find that you really are a pregnant and acquire good advice for any healthy pregnancy right away.

2. The second most critical aim of expectant women is having a normal and balanced diet. Try you can eat fresh and healthy fruits and veggies daily as you desire.

Have protein rich food including fish, eggs, pulses, nuts, lean meat, milk, cheese, ghee cashew nuts etc.

3. Eat fish twice or thrice every week, because fish comes complete with stuffed with proteins, minerals, vitamin-D and Omega-3 efas. Omega-3 fatty acid plays a vital role in growth of baby’s central nervous system.

4. It is very important you can eat iron rich food like meat, leafy green vegetables, egg, jaggery, liver etc in order to avoid anemia.

5. Better to opt for regular activities like exercising for any good strength and endurance that you need to carry the child.

Pregnant women can pick exercises like swimming, yoga, brisk walking, light asana and walking which said to be helpful for any normal delivery.

But, nevertheless, you have to talk to your personal doctor before undergoing the above activities.

6. Stop having a drink. Because heavy intake of alcohol can reaches the child very soon via bloodstream and placenta.

And sometimes this might lead to serious birth defects like facial and heart defects, mental retardation, growth issues etc.

7. Smoking heavily while pregnant can cause rather more serious health issues like premature birth, low birth weight, miscarriage and often baby loss at birth.

8. Try to focus on oral health. Make sure choosing regular dental checkups, floss fairly and regularly, brush 2 times a day.

9. Avoid long driving and traveling, this might lead to miscarrying of the child.

10. Concentrate on loose and comfy dressing, preferable to opt cotton materials.

11. Stop using rearfoot footwear while pregnant and start using flat heel footwear.

12. Do not take X-Rays particularly first 3 months, because x-rays may some times harm the child’s eyes, heart, and central nervous system. Proceed as long as there is a big need for an x-ray.

13. Take many water in order to avoid urinal infections and free stool passing.

14. Do not expose to chemicals, radiation, smoke, poisonous gas etc which are more hazardous to your account and the child development

15. Take some rest and acquire proper sleep (At least 7-8 hours during the night and 1-2 hours within the afternoon). Put the feet up by placing pillow underneath the feet and try lying with your left hand side by bending the knees. This will helps for good circulation of blood.

A Fortnight With Covid-19

As a writer, it has been my inner most desire to have few days of uninterrupted isolation preferably within the comforts available in my house. Perhaps this has stemmed from the agonies of the frequent disturbances which I had to face while I was engrossed in the creative process of writing an article, story or book. When you are mustering and putting all your energies & focusing on a subject of your favorite creation, any disturbance hurts you very badly. You just need isolation without any disturbances to finish an article / poem / story or novel which is cooking in your mind. You don’t want anything between you and your chain of thoughts except your pen/paper or laptop. But other people, specially your near & dear ones do not understand/value all this. They will keep disturbing you for trivial things. And paradox is that they think that are doing this for your good only.

My innermost desire was fulfilled a few days back when I was tested positive for covid-19 and I had to remain home quarantined for 14 days. It happened ‘word for word’ in the same way which I have scripted in my mind. I was in my bedroom & there was absolutely no disturbance at all except the meals or drinks etc. which were kept on a table outside my room periodically by my wife.

But I could not use this dream situation for my intended advantage. There was a very subtle difference. Although the situation was according to the description of a dream situation but there was still a world of difference. It was similar to the difference between the enjoyment of sexual intercourse and getting raped. It was the difference of being a prisoner and a jail staff or being a patient and doctor. The environment is same for both but their ‘state of mind’ is totally opposite.

The situation was forced upon me. The critical element of my ‘free will’ was missing. Therefore, in spite of no disturbance and all available time during these two weeks of isolation, I was not able to write anything. Not even my minimum ritual of writing at least two pages which I was doing in spite of my all business over the years.

But I am a hard-core writer and hence to justify this time, I have created this article out of my experience. I Hope you will like reading this piece of creation.